Economic Development & College Partnership leads to Industry Success

Mar 03, 2020
Staff Reports

This is a note of appreciation from a local industry to Arkansas Northeastern College, Director of Industrial Training, Stacey Walker


I want to thank you and your welding instructor, Brent Carroll, for training my guys to tig-weld copper and stainless steel.  Dawson Welding & Machine Works was in dire need for some training because we had no one here that was capable of welding copper and only one person that could tig-weld stainless steel.  We do a lot of business with the steel mill industry, where specialty welding is required.  This training has allowed us to quit outsourcing those special welding needs.  Each time we had to outsource welding the copper showerheads, it cost us over $ 800.00.  We  

are now able to save that money and weld the showerheads in house.  We could not afford this training, so I want give a special thanks to the Office of Skills Development and Mississippi County for all of their help. Thanks again and we really appreciate everything ANC has done for us,

Rick Guthrie

Operations Manager, Dawson Welding Co. LLC.

Blytheville, Arkansas, 72315