A Historic Sector Continues To Thrive In New Ways

Agriculture in Mississippi County began with the cutting and milling of hundreds of thousands of acres of primal hardwood forests in the period from 1880 to 1910. Today agriculture in Mississippi County is more diversified. While cotton still holds it place, soybeans, rice, wheat, and sorghum are also major crops.

Mississippi County led the nation in cotton production from 1930-1960
Local Farmers Markets can be found regularly throughout the county
Jobs in the agricultural sector are good jobs, requiring more technical skills and formal training
Chemical Consultants

Helping improve crop yields, quality of the crops, efficiency of production, and safety for the consumer.

Aerial Applicators

Spraying, fertilizing and planting from the air in highly specialized, purpose-built aircraft.

Heavy Machine Operators

Harvesting, processing and shipping with the use of modern and automated systems and machines.

Technology is advancing the agriculture industry

Agriculture does not use the great number of people it once did either. Like all industries, fewer people are able to do more through the use of automation and technology. Mississippi County farmers planted over 400,000+ acres of crops in 2020.

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