Demographics & Workforce

Our People Are Our Strength

Perhaps our greatest asset is how well the communities work with and supports the companies here in Mississippi County.

Mississippi County Population
Median Age
18 Min
Average Commute

Broad 8-County Labor Pool

Workforce is one of the leading reasons that employers find Mississippi County a valuable location.

8-County Labor Pool Population Used By MSC Companies
Working age population between 25 and 64
Population are high school graduates or have a college degree
8-County Labor Pool
8-County Labor Pool

The total labor force of Mississippi County exceeds 17,000 while combined jobs are just above 15,500. We have workers! Mississippi County labor force participation rate of those 18 and over is close to 60%. Unemployment jumped in 2020 to 10.3%; until recently it averaged 5 to 6% country-wide.

We are a location that attracts workers from nearby states: Missouri and Tennessee, as well as more other cities of Arkansas. But you don’t have to look far as the bulk of workers live right here in Mississippi County. 

Education Partners Ensure Ongoing Success

Mississippi County is recognized as an ACT Work Ready Community That means that local job candidates earn ACT® WorkKeys® National Career Readiness Certificate® and our local employers recognize tested skill sets associated with the certification for their industries.

Plus Arkansas Northeastern College is a highly respected partner to employers for industry-specific curriculum and customized training. Check out all the workforce training programs available to employed and job seekers.

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