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Arkansas’s Mississippi County is not a typical rural county when it comes to employment opportunities. You can work for local businesses or global companies. Our roots in agriculture continue to provide employment opportunities, while a broad spectrum of industrial jobs grow throughout the county. Healthcare, services, and retail openings are also available.

Arkansas Northeastern College (ANC) is a hub for connecting to job opportunities, hosting events on campus, such as Job Fair, College Fair and Manufacturing Day. Employers also speak at relevant classes.

Expectations of candidates include:

  • Pass a drug screening

  • Complete a mock interview with a staff member

  • Show up for interview on time

  • Show good follow up skills after the interview

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Want to get a head start right here on your job search? Begin by using the tool below to get headed in the right direction before you link over into Indeed to view your narrowed jobs list.

If you are an employer, you can include a job in this search by simply posting it on Indeed and categorizing it for Mississippi County and one of the industries or experience levels featured above.