Mississippi County receives $2 million in grants for infrastructure

Jul 19, 2023
Talk Business & Politics staff

Multiple cities in Mississippi County are slated to receive a total of $2 million in grants for various public construction projects through the Mississippi County Infrastructure Grant Program. The 11 funded projects each include innovative infrastructure designed to address the needs of the county.

Each grant provides up to $200,000 for cities and towns within the county and can only be used for infrastructure projects. These grants fund up to 75% of project costs, with 25% of the cost matched by the applicant municipality.

“From wastewater treatment facilities and road improvements to expanding the abilities of a local fire department and more, we are honored to invest $2 million in infrastructure projects across Mississippi County,” said County Judge John Alan Nelson. “By accepting applications directly from our cities and towns, we identified and funded projects that truly matter to residents across the County. Each of these projects will improve the quality of life and the local economy for the cities and towns in which they’re located.”

Blytheville received a $200,000 grant to improve sewer infrastructure to prevent groundwater and stormwater from entering the street network through cracks, joints or fractured pipes. This project will focus on North Byrum Road, an arterial road for the city for both school-age and special needs students, but also for commercial and industrial traffic.

Dell is slated to receive a $200,000 grant that will partially fund the rehabilitation of town’s municipal water system storage tank and make it current with all Arkansas Department of Health guidelines.

A $200,000 grant will fund the city of Etowah’s Wastewater System Improvements Project, including the renovation of 10 wastewater pump stations, the replacement of simplex grinder pumps and the renovation of the wastewater treatment facility. The town will also get a $41,250 grant to support the town’s Wastewater Treatment Facility Standby Generator Replacement Project. Replacing the generator will ensure continued operations of the wastewater treatment facility during a power outage and ensure compliance with all Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) regulations.

Gosnell will receive a $200,000 grant to fund various infrastructure projects that will assist in the current and future growth of the city, including creating new streets and repairing existing roads.

Keiser will receive a $200,000 grant to partially fund the rehabilitation of Keiser’s elevated water storage tank exterior, and make improvements at the water treatment facility. The city will receive another $200,000 grant to pay for the Highway 181 Lift Station Rehabilitation project. It will rehabilitate an existing wastewater lift station in the southern part of the city.

Leachville will receive a $200,000 grant that will allow the it to acquire approximately 34 acres of land to aid city growth. The land will be utilized to expand the Leachville City Wastewater plant and draw businesses into Leachville and/or the farmland might be rented out, providing a revenue source until plans are finalized.

Manila will receive a $200,000 grant to partially fund the Manila’s Water Tower Refurbish/Repair Project of its 300,000-gallon water tower to continue to provide safe, clean drinking water without interruption. The city will receive a separate $158,750 grant to support Manila’s Fire Department Expansion Project, allowing the department to house one ladder truck, one tanker truck and one rescue with a spare pumper truck in the fourth spot. T

Osceola will receive a $200,000 grant to partially fund the survey, testing and repair of key parts of Osceola’s storm drainage system.

On March 11, 2021, the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) was signed into law. Among many other provisions, ARPA provides direct funding to each county in the United States through the Coronavirus Local Fiscal Relief Fund (CLFRF). Mississippi County received $7,895,980 and designated $2 million to fund the Mississippi County Infrastructure Grant Program.

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