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Mr. Davis Pickles

This business story takes a different path than most successful businesses; it begins with kind-hearted assistance that reveals a new world in gardening. Dedric Davis, a lifelong resident of Mississippi County, was out riding one day: frustrated, broke, lost and confused. He came upon an elderly lady carrying buckets of water from her house to her garden.

By simply stopping and offering help, this encounter changed his life. This woman inspired Dedric to try gardening. Not many business owners attribute the origin of their business accomplishments to being a Master Gardener, recognized as Rookie of the Year and Project of the Year by the local Garden Club. As a Master Gardener, Dedric, along with others, volunteered thousands of hours developing a Community Garden where the yields of their harvest contributed to The Haven, The Samaritan Ministry, The Mission, The Food Pantry, and many other entities. Beyond the food donations, this passion project overwhelmed him with a high-yield cucumber crop. With inspiration from his mother making pickles, he knew he could make them even better. Through trial and error, he created a recipe deliciously memorable and market-worthy. Local grocery stores started carrying his pickles. 

In late 2019, the Health Department closed down his production, lacking proper equipment and licensing. Dedric says this was a blessing because it helped him make connections with the Greater River Economic Development Foundation and Judge John Alan Nelson, who have mentored him to obtain a building, providing business resources and overwhelming support.

January 2020 Dedric left a full-time job of 13 years to fully dedicate himself to his pickle business, with a storefront opening by May 1st, 2020.

My company being in Northeastern Arkansas allows for easy interstate travel, enabling me to reach a broader audience to sell and promote my product. Plus, Mississippi County has always been a leader in helping and supporting small businesses.
Dedric Davis, Owner
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