Holly Crank, Electrical Technician

Holly Crank
Electrical Technician, Atlas Tube

Arkansas Northeastern College (ANC) prepared Holly for her career in industrial electrical systems. She appreciated learning from instructors who had been in the field and working at local industry. Holly especially enjoyed the PLC 1 class, where, beyond labs, exercises, and textbooks, she was given the opportunity to work autonomously to program projects many different ways, learning through this experimentation.

At ANC in the electrical and programming classes we weren’t just reading textbooks. We were able to practice what we were learning directly on hardware and software in the classroom. This practical learning gave me a good basis of understanding to build upon in my electrical role at the mill.
Holly Crank

Everyday has a different and unique challenge at her job; Holly feels awesome about solving problems and overcoming obstacles.  Her job at Atlas Tube removes the worry as to how she will support her children as a single mom. She is confident in her skills and grateful for the education and incredible encouragement from ANC instructors and staff.

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