Joel Guerra, Aviation Maintenance Technician

Job Title:
Aviation Maintenance Technician
Aviation Repair Technologies

The Aviation Maintenance trade is essentially comprised on multiple trades. The Aviation Program at Arkansas Northeastern College (ANC) involves studies in all relevant trades: mechanical, electrical, welding, painting and more. Joel Guerra earned proficiency in all of these trades because of ANC’s hands-on training, providing for experience to manager a variety of difficult takes efficiently.  Clearly, Joel was recognized for his skills when he was hired by Aviation Repair Technologies.

As an Aviation Maintenance Technician, I enjoy putting components back into service, know I am partly the reason multiple passengers make it safely to their destinations.

Joel shares advice for prospective ANC students: “Be persistent in your studies if you truly love the career you want to pursue. Don’t let others deter your advancement.” He sees this job as only the beginning of a lucrative career, a career that is also a passion.

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